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What We Do

In Person Classes

We  offer in person tuition for small groups of  children and adults in and around Manchester.  

Female teacher for children and groups of females. You can come to us or we can come to you.

Live Onlines Classes

Online classes available for small groups, taught via Skype and Google Hangouts

Flexible Self Paced Online Courses

We have a small selection of flexible self paced online course.  These are for self study and some are FREE.  

Why We Do It

Do you remember what your experience of Mosque was like?  Makes you cringe right? Well sadly not much has changed.  Many mosques are still underfunded,  with extremely larges classes and unqualified teachers.   Think about it how can you expect a qualified teacher  to dedicate all the times that's required to provide a quality education at the pittance some mosques charge.

As an ex mosque teacher myself. As much as I wanted to pour my heart and soul into the job it was simply not possible for me to dedicate 3 hours a day to preparing, planning and assessing, when I was getting paid £6 per hour.

So you end up getting either unqualified teachers, inexperienced young teachers or teachers like myself who were just working there casually, whilst working elsewhere.

In addition, if you divide 1 or 2 hours between 40 children (size of some classes) how much time is your child really getting?

As a result we have seen children who are just about about getting by in mosque or those making little to no progress make up to X 4 faster progress. Not only that they start to enjoy learning about Islam

Learn To Read

Learn to read Qur'an fluently like the Arabs.  Qur'an recitation requires a lot of individual attention. We have seen exponential progress when children start receiving individual attention coupled with our well honed teaching methods developed over many years of experience.

Every learner is different, we cater for all the learning styles.

Learn Tajweed

Learn To Understand The Qur'an

Arabic text books we teach are Madina Arabic Books and Arabiyyatun Bayna Yadayk.  We those who want learn Modern Standard Arabic we teach Mastering Arabic and also have a large collection of our own excellent resources

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