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7 Signs You Could Be A Religitard

So what is a religitard? A religitard is one whose mental faculty of independent or rational thinking has been numbed by a misunderstanding of religion.


In no particular order of importance here are a few signs of Religitardness I’ve observed.


1. You tell everyone music is haram (especially your kids) but you secretly listen to the worst of it ie Pitbull, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, Beyonce et al


2. You’re always forwarding images of stop the Haram – like plucking the eyebrows because it makes you look super religious but then you question yourself in private, like what’s wrong with it? It makes no difference to anyone’s life, or….


3. ..You follow an ultra conservative impractical, incompatible and unrealistic interpretation of religion, then you feel suffocated and go the opposite direction after a few months. Sometimes you yo yo like this for a while then give up and go back to your old ways.


4. Haram and Bid’a are like your favourite words you say it like others say salam. Short back and sides, haram, women cutting their hair, haram, photography, haram.


5. You lecture others about how they will be in the hellfire for pride because they have trousers that go below the ankle, yet you can’t afford to pay the rent but you insist on driving a fancy car purchased on interest bearing loans because it makes you look good.


6. You regurgitate stuff like verses of the Qur’an without ever checking the context or giving it any thought.


7. You love throwing quotes of classical scholars around that you simply memorised but probably didn’t understand,”He said this so an so said that”, because it makes you sound super knowledgeable. Occasionally you’ll throw in an arabic word or two that’s like the icing on the cake.


If you fall into the above category, take a dose of education and thinking for yourself every day, up to 5 times a day.

What are the signs of religious retardation that you have observed feel free to include them in the comments below..

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