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An Awesome Linguistic Subtlety in the name Ar-Rahman

Often the names of Allah Rahman and Raheem are translated as Most Gracious Most Merciful. However as with most of Arabic the amazing subtleties are lost in translation. Nouns that fall on this scale ‘wazn’ or words of this pattern indicate intensity or severity. For example Ghaad’ib is ‘one who is angry’ to say one is ‘ghadbaan’ means he is extremely angry, aa’tish is a person that is thirsty to say he is extremely thirsty is ‘at-shaan’ therefore the word Ar’Rahman means one that is ‘Extremely Merciful’ we are not going to go into how and why in this post that is another discussion in itself. That’s six more words you can add to your growing vocabulary of Arabic. Stay posted for a similar look at the linguistic subtlety of Ar –Raheem inshallah. If you haven’t already joined our mailing list you can do that right here

He has prescribed for himself mercy

Written for himself mercy

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